About us

Australis Caravans team is driven to design and build innovative, modern caravans with the right features, comfort, and safety. Our foundation of over 30 years of industry experience combined with master caravan builders to produce a range of caravans for exploring the fantastic Australian coastline, overland and high country.

Our Process

Families and adventures come in all shapes and sizes. So, we start by understanding what makes an excellent caravan for you. We will discuss your potential layout and options, advising on what will give you the best outcome of contemporary design, clever storage and safety. We then create a concept drawing to show how your features and options will look and perfect this based on your feedback. Once you sign off, our master caravan builders will start building your custom-designed dream caravan….and you can start packing for your first adventure.

Industry Experience

We have used our skills and experience to create caravans to reflect modern Australia, integrating the best features, options and designs to suit Australian conditions and modern families.

Preconstruction Design The Finishing Touches

Our attention to detail is paramount. That is why every van goes through a rigorous Quality Control process to ensure your van is perfect every time Custom Design & Construction.
We offer you the ability to customize your van to include the features you want, just the way you wish.

Our Quality Guarantee

All Australis caravans come standard with a 12-month all-inclusive warranty and a 3-year Structural Australia-wide warranty. This warranty will cover your van to be repaired by a repairer near you anywhere around the country. Create your dream adventure.
Tell us about your design ideas today.

Let us be part of your next adventures!

We are people that will happily help you create new memories with your new home on wheels